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Rusty Troll Tavern by dALilithiel
Rusty Troll Tavern
Quick and sloppy render I was prompted to do to help with a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-By-Consensus on Google+ ( I didn't have long to do this one, so I didn't do any texture tests before I set it to render (and I should have!) and I ended up with a lot of floating props. WHOOPS. Also, wow, way too many characters and objects for my taste.  Still, it served its purpose.
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Back to doing the visual arts homeschooling for my niece after a brief break: we had to evacuate for a while due to a Freaking Forest Fire. Needless to say, that threw any interest in learning out the window for a while.

We finished up color theory (for now) and she proved she has a good grasp of it and what it's for. That's more than I could say for myself when I was her age!

Tonight we went over thumbnail sketches and why they're useful. I felt awful because it was mostly lecture and very little practice... boring stuff, and I'm sure it's hard to see why they're useful if you don't do them. Do any of you do thumbnail sketches before you start on a project?

I find I spend more time planning a render with words and outlines than I do actually putting the things together in Poser.

Speaking of which, I need to get back to planning an "I" twi'lek render... Inquisitor, maybe! (Not like there weren't any twi'leks in the old Inquisitorius guild on Starsider ::coughcough::)
H is for Hoth by dALilithiel
H is for Hoth
"There isn't enough life on this ice cube to fill a space cruiser!"

"H" in this Twi'leks A to Z exercise is for Hoth, or at least a cold, wintry setting, blah blah Winter is Coming, or something like that.  H is also for Holocron.   (Jedi Holocron via :iconcrimsonight: )

So, now I am really stuck on "I"! Predictably the only thing that comes to mind is Iridonian and that's not really Twi'lek themed, is it?

Poser / Reality3 / LuxRender / Photoshop
G is for Gonk by dALilithiel
G is for Gonk
"Gonk. Gonk."

I finally picked this one back up to finish it! It isn't the most accurate Gonk Droid model (I think it's actually closer to a... EG-6?) but you get the idea... hopefully.

And now we move on to something for an "H" themed twi'lek. Do you have any ideas?

Poser / Reality3 / LuxRender
Gevaisa Concept by dALilithiel
Gevaisa Concept
Working on an idea for a new (recycled, rather) character at a RP site.

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Loving the twi'lek alphabet so far! Great work!
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Arf :)
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Oh hai!  Yew looks familiar!
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I love your Twi'lek A to Z art! Are you working on D? I can't wait to see the rest! :D (Big Grin) 
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